All The Love You Want and All The Prosperity You Deserve

The Love And Money Connection is a two day event with Allyson Roberts and Chantal Schutz designed to help you find all the love you want and all the prosperity you deserve. Did you know you treat love and money exactly the same way? Learn the strategies and techniques to help you feel the love you are missing in your life as well as achieve the financial potential you know you deserve!

Meet Your Hosts

As a leading transformation coach, Allyson Roberts is highly sought after to share her triumphant journey from family abuse to a life filled with joy, peace, purpose, and prosperity. She founded Outrageous Freedom, where she has served over 2000 clients utilizing her proven systems helping them heal emotional pain. Her work has been featured on The O’Reilly Factor, CBS46, Dallas News, The Washington Post, and other media. She has reached audiences all over the globe. Currently there is a motion picture film in production – Outrageous Freedom – based on Allyson’s life events.

Along with her 20 years of experience as a CPA, educator, and entrepreneur, Chantal Schutz is a business visionary. Chantal uses her unique ability to translate everyday business transactions into numbers and breaks them down so that her clients understand the story numbers tell and creates a plan to help them achieve their desired business growth and goals. Chantal is also the CEO of two seven-figure companies, building one business to this level within a four-year period. Her knowledge, passion and drive compel Chantal to empower business owners to get the results they want and deserve.

Featured Speakers

Joyce Bone is a speaker, author, and entrepreneur. At age 28, as a stay at home mom, she took a $10,000 risk and co-founded EarthCare, an environmental company. It grew into a $125 million dollar NASDAQ traded powerhouse. As a nationally recognized expert in business, Joyce has appeared on CNBC’s The Squawk Box, and in Money, Kiplinger magazines, been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, SBA National SCORE and dozens of others. Joyce has a sincere heart for helping other women (and enlightened men) develop their new business, or take their existing one to the next level.

Kate Butler is a #1 best-selling author, inspirational speaker, and success coach. She helps women entrepreneurs increase their reach and their business by providing them a platform to share their message with other women around the globe. She believes that everyone has, at least, one book inside of them and that everyone has a story that could positively impact the lives of others. Kate loves taking businesses that are struggling to success through the proper exposure. Kate is a wife, and a mother, and she takes it all very seriously. It is her passion to help women create the life they deserve.

Jeffrey Brown is the VP of Fund Development and Marketing for PADV, but he’s so much more than that. Jeffrey has a true passion for putting an end to domestic violence. While he has not seen intimate partner violence in his life, or suffered at the hands of a parent, he does have a new perspective on the issue as he now realizes how many people he knows are victims. Jeffrey not only raises funds, but he also educates the public on warning signs, steps to take, what NOT to do, and how to get involved with your community. Jeffrey is a committed husband, father, and blessed to be involved in saving lives.

Get ready to meet Krista! She will be a special guest on VIP night, sharing the floor with Allyson Roberts. Krista is an author (see below), a painter, a wife, mother and grandmother. E.R. Flynn is the author of Climbing Out Of Chaos, her first book of poetry and art. This pen name honors her mother who inspired the love of poetry at an early age. The art work is also the author’s under the name of K. Bianchi. She is excited to combine both her art and writing to bring this book to life with the hope of helping the survivors of those who have passed. She is a wife, mother and grandmother and lives in Roswell, GA. Her work can be found on